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On the 18th of April 2013 our class Rang Redgrave went on a history trip with our two teachers Ms Dunne and Mr McCorry.

We started our day at Dublinia. Here we got a guided tour of their Viking Displays. The models of the Vikings were extremely realistic and were really enjoyable! We got to see things such as; remakes of their houses, clothing and a Viking Longships. We also saw displays based on the Medieval Period, which we have studied as a part of our First year History course. We got to walk through medieval streets. We got to experience a Medieval Market and play medieval games. We saw examples of the tools a Barber Surgeon would’ve used. We also got to see the types of work done by Archaeologists.

We saw a model of what Dublin looked like in Medieval Times. We got to visit the gift shop. Then we went for lunch in McDonalds on Grafton Street. It was yummy!! We then made our way to the National Museum where we viewed the bog bodies and also had a guided tour from Jennifer on some of the Artefacts from the Mesolithic, Neolithic and Bronze Era’s. Here we saw famous artefacts such as the Ardagh Chalice and Broighter’s Collar. We also saw the displays of The Hill of Tara and a Passage tomb modelled on Newgrange.

We saw examples of the Lunalaes and Sun discs from the Bronze Age, these are made from Gold and their purpose is unknown. We also got to visit the gift shop here. Overall, this was a very enjoyable trip and we hope to go on another similar trip in Second Year. We enjoyed this trip because it educational and it was nice to experience history outside Room 6! We found it helpful towards our revision for the summer exams. We would like to thank Mr McCorry and Ms Dunne for taking us on the trip. It was a great History lesson!