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Please note the following:

  • Shirts/Blouses should be worn buttoned up to the neck. We suggest that when purchasing shirts/blouses parents should purchase one-size larger than required. This makes it easier for the tie to be worn close to the collar of the shirt/blouse. Ties are not to be worn at a distance away from the collar of the shirt/blouse.
  • Female Students : Please note shirts/blouses may be worn outside the skirt provided it is the fitted type shirt/blouse, available from Grants.
  • Only the School Jacket may be worn over the Blazer (Senior Students).  Other jackets are not permissible. 
  • It should be noted by all students that full uniform must be worn coming to and going home from school.
  • Blazers, Jackets or any items of uniform should not be left on/in lockers overnight.
  • Black leather shoes must be worn at all times.
  • Runners/Trainers are not permissible except for P.E. (Non-marking soles only)
  • Black Shorts if participating in Team Sports.