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There was a buzz around the college on 7th October as the Mind Matters Expo was underway.The college invited representatives from 12 Mental Health organisations to take part in our Mind Matters Expo to celebrate World Mental Health Day on 10th October.

The senior students attended the event and spoke to representative from Console, Jigsaw, Teen Between, ISPCC, Pieta House, Outhouse, Dublin Simon, The Samaritans, Cura, Bodywhys, Al-Anon and Rainbows.

There was a great atmosphere as students mingled with the representatives from the organisations and learnt about the services they provide. Our local Insomnia in Carpenterstown sponsored the event and provided coffee vouchers for a draw students entered. The Mind Matters Expo was part of a week of activities to create awareness around the need to protect our mental health.

IMG_1378Well done to everyone who got involved. 

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