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La BBVA Ruta Quetzal


This is an initiative set up by the journalist and adventurer Miguel de la Quadra Salcedo with the backing of the King of Spain to foster cultural exchange between Ibero-American Spanish speaking countries including  Brazil and Portugal.

The BBVA Ruta Quetzal is a journey that combines value-based education, cultural exchange and adventure.

In recent years eligibility was extended to European and Asian Countries with one candidate per country given the opportunity to participate.

Candidates must submit a substantial piece of work, usually related to the theme of the expedition. Then proceed to interview by the relevant embassies.

In 2013, current Leaving Cert student, Christopher Mac Mahon was selected to represent Ireland in this initiative that has been declared  by UNESCO as an” initiative of global interest”

Language Learner 2013 

Spanish teacher, Ms. Gina Byrne nominated Christopher for language learner 2013 with  Leargas last year. The awards are given to those students who go to extra lenghts to learn languages and he was the only native Irish student to receive the award. He was presented with the award at a ceremony  at Marino Institute of Education on Oct 4th 2013.

He was presented with the award by the British Linguist Professor David Crystal  OBE,FBA.

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