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Keeping Warm in a Time of Covid.


Due to Covid-19 pandemic, ventilation advice from the DES & HSE must be strictly adhered to as this is one of the key measures to keep the spread of the virus under control.  Consequently, classroom windows and doors must remain open for ventilation and there are concerns that students and staff may have trouble staying warm.  The heating system is timed to be on from 7a.m. – 9a.m. and 12.00noon to 1.30p.m. each afternoon.

Firstly, it is recommended that students should wear layers under their uniform, proper socks, tights etc. to help themselves keep warm.  Appropriate thermal wear is readily available.

  • All students should wear their full school uniform each day coming to and going home from school which includes the outdoor jacket for all students and blazer for senior students. Please note that the outdoor jacket should be worn, not the school hoodie.


  • All students are permitted to wear their tracksuits into school only on the day they are timetabled for P.E. or Leisure & Recreation Studies. The school tracksuit items are as follows:
        • School hoodie
        • Navy tracksuit crested trousers
        • White crested polo shirt

          Strictly no leggings or shorts will be permitted to be worn instead of the tracksuit trousers.

  • Students may bring their hoodie to school in their schoolbags and wear over their jumper in the classroom if they are cold. While in the school building, the hood should remain down off the head. However, the hoodie should not be worn coming to or going home from school unless P.E. or Leisure & Recreation Studies are timetable for that day.  While in the school building, the hood should remain down.  The outdoor jacket should be worn.


  • Staff and students are currently working with Grants, our uniform provider, designing a School Snood and Gillet. We have attached photos of the style of snood & gillet that will be available from the school in the coming weeks.
  • If any student needs items of the uniform, please link in with Ms. O’Neill as there is some stock of nearly new items available.






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