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Admissions Policy

As Castleknock Community College continues to cater to an ever-increasing population within its catchment area, the Board of Management will review its Enrolment Procedures each year. In their examination of this review it is the aim of the Board to maintain the highest standards in terms of the quality of its educational provision and thus the total enrolment should not exceed 1100 pupils.

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Inter-school Transfer 2nd – 6th year

Inter-school Transfer Policy

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Catchment area Map for Castleknock Community College

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Child Protection

Castleknock Community College is a post-primary College providing post-primary education to pupils from First Year to Leaving Certificate Year

In accordance with the requirements of the Children First Act 2015, Children First: National Guidance for the Protection and Welfare of Children 2017, the Child Protection Procedures for Primary and Post Primary Schools 2017 and Tusla Guidance on the preparation of Child Safeguarding Statements, the Board of Management of Castleknock Community College has agreed the Child Safeguarding Statement set out in this document.

Castleknock CC 2024 Child Safeguarding & Risk Assessment Report

Castleknock CC Notification of Review of Child Safety Statement January 2024 PA

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School Self Evaluation & school Improvement Plan 2023-2024

This document records the outcomes of School Self-evaluation undertaken during the school year 2022-23 in the area of Wellbeing & Digital Planning & also includes our School Improvement Plan for 2023 – 2024

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Homework Policy

Homework Policy

Attendance and Punctuality Policy

A meaningful education provides every student with the best possible start in life and it helps them to mature and develop into responsible young adults. The purpose of our college policy on attendance and punctuality is to encourage regular school attendance and participation in the education system. Moreover it endeavours to promote self-discipline, commitment and responsibility.

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CCTV Policy

The purpose of this policy is to regulate the use of CCTV and its associated technology in the monitoring of the environs of premises

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Code of Behaviour

These guidelines are the result of staff seminars, student council feedback and parents’ seminars at Castleknock Community College as to how the Code of Behaviour should exist.

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Counter-Bullying Policy

The purpose of this policy is to protect all members of our school community from being bullied (including teachers and other people working in the school, students and parents).

Castleknock CC Counter Bullying Policy 2024-25

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Critical Incident Policy

This policy seeks to address the specific needs of the College community following any traumatic event(s) in the context of the ethos of the College. This policy sets out the procedures to be followed to ensure the safety and protection of the community of Castleknock Community College in the event of a critical incident.

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Data Protection Policy

The College’s Data Protection Policy applies to the personal data held by the College which is protected by the Data Protection Acts 1988 and 2003.This policy sets out the manner in which personal data and sensitive personal data will be protected by the College.

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Internet AUP Policy

The aim of this Internet Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) is to ensure that students will benefit from learning opportunities offered by the College’s Internet resources in a safe and effective manner.

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Learning & language Support Department Policy

This policy describes the principles, aims and objectives, by which the College will identify, assess and provide for students with Special Educational Needs. Special Educational Needs (SEN) can take a variety of forms, including specific learning needs, health related needs and behavioural needs.

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Lunchtime Arrangement Policy

This policy serves to inform parents and students of their responsibilities with regard to lunchtime arrangements. This policy has been designed solely with regard to the safety of students.

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Substance Abuse Policy

The National Drugs Strategy 2001-2008—Building on Experience, sets out a detailed programme of action to be implemented by Government departments and agencies to tackle substance abuse.

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Suspension & Exclusion Policy

Castleknock Community College, in conjunction with the DDLETB, recognises its obligation to protect the rights of the principal, teachers and students and, consequently, endorses the aspiration set out in the Department of Education’s “Guidelines towards a Positive Policy for School Behaviour and Discipline”

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DDL ETB Privacy Policy

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