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Autumn 2024 term commences Monday the 23rd of September.. We have over 100 courses to choose from on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday nights & One Day Saturday Workshops on the 21st September,  5th of October & 16th of November.

       Online enrolment is now available for all courses.   Enrol here                        

Enrol in person on Monday 16th & Tuesday 17th of September 7.00pm-8.30pm(Online booking is advised as your preferred class may already be fully booked)

Autumn 2024 Course Description Brochure

Autumn 2024 Monday Courses Descriptions

Autumn 2024 Tuesday Courses Descriptions

Autumn 2024 Wednesday Courses Descriptions

Autumn 2024 Workshop Descriptions Brochure


Our Adult Education-Night Classes programme was first launched in 1999. Since then, the number of participants enrolled in our night classes has grown dramatically, as has the number of courses on offer.

The Director of Adult Education is Conor Barry and Assistant Director is Patricia McHenry.

There are two terms each academic year. The Autumn Term generally commences towards the end of September, with the Spring Term getting under way towards the end of January.

An extremely comprehensive and diverse range of classes are available, with over 100 exciting courses on offer each term! Courses vary from Yoga and Pilates, right through to classes on Genealogy, Cooking, Painting, Mindfulness & Meditation, Spanish, French, Italian, Calligraphy, Guitar, Gardening, First Aid, Felt making, Tai Chi, Zumba and Ballroom Dancing, to name but a few!

Our brochures are widely available in the local area with over 10,000 delivered door to door each term. Copies of our brochure are also freely available in the school office and can be downloaded from this web page.

Autumn 2024 Course Description Brochure

Enrolment in our Night Classes is both flexible and easy!

On-line enrolment, paying by debit/credit card is by far the most convenient and hassle-free way to enrol, click link above to access classes.

You can enrol in person at one of our Enrolment Nights or by post by availing of our simple and convenient Postal Enrolment facility detailed on the back of our brochures each term.

If there is any group of ten or more people in the community interested in any particular course currently not on offer in our programme, please contact the Director of Adult Education and we will do our best to facilitate you.

Should anyone be interested in teaching a course currently on offer in our programme, or would like to teach a course not presently available, please contact the Director of Adult Education.

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If you have any queries concerning Adult Education, please feel free to contact us at any time. You can contact the Director of Adult Education directly on (01) 8129346 or by e-mail at

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