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“We the pupils, parents and staff of Castleknock Community College, strive for excellence in a caring and supportive environment. Growing and developing through co-operation will enable all to realise their full potential.”

Educational Aims

  • To enable and encourage the full growth and development of each student intellectually, creatively, physically, morally and socially.
  • To create a caring, safe and supportive environment in which each student will have the opportunity to fully develop her/his aptitudes and talents.
  • To promote gender equity, self-awareness and responsible attitudes in personal relationships, while encouraging dignity and respect in all our endeavours.
  • To foster consultation and the involvement of parents in the development of school policies, and in its social and recreational activities.
  • To engender feelings of self-esteem and the creation of sensitive, caring and politically aware members of society.
  • To create opportunities for parents and other adults to further their academic or social education by the provision of a community education programme.
  • To aspire towards excellence in all areas of work and involvement, thus promoting an image and a reputation for our college, which will command the respect and the pride of the community.
  • To be true to our motto “Mol an óige and Tiocfaidh Sí” and thus instill a feeling of self-esteem within all students.
  • To provide a pastoral care programme that is central to the life of the college.
  • To provide for the cultural and aesthetic needs of the community through the arts.