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The Celtic Tenors visit CCC

The school community are delighted to announce a joint venture between The Celtic Tenors and Castleknock Community College. On Wednesday 25th October, the College Choir took part in a masterclass led by The Celtic Tenors that gave our students an insight into the world of professional performance. Since this event, the excitement and enthusiasm generated by this workshop is still very evident among the students involved. We are delighted that The Celtic Tenors – Matthew, James and Daryl – are taking time out of a hectic schedule to work with our students in developing their vocal technique and broaden their repertoire. In collaboration, the Tenors and students worked hard during the morning but they had great fun and enjoyed it immensely. We are happy to announce that this initiative will continue and we look forward to performing together in October 2018. If any student would like to be involved in this rewarding and enriching project, please see Ms Staunton.

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